What do I need to start training?

Loose clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt, no footwear is necessary. Do bring a bottle of water.

What if I don't like it?

Your first two lessons are free so you don't have to pay out any money at the start of your training and this will give you an indication whether you want to continue or not so a win/win situation. After these two free lessons you will then be required to be licenced with the UKTA and eligible for training fees, see costs below.

What will it cost me?

· Training fees - payable monthly, starting from as little as £16 per month for one person.
· Membership/Licence - cost £25, payable annually on commencement of training. This is known as the student's license membership.
· Training suit - cost from £35 for juniors and £38 for adults. This will be required for your first grading but if you wish you can purchase prior to this.
· Syllabus book - cost from £18, describing all movements and techniques used.
· Grading fees - cost are variable depending on the type of grading attended and are as follows:

1. National area gradings: This is a grading that takes place every three months and are set out at the beginning of each year by the UKTA. These are conducted by a Taekwon-Do master and this will include a seminar prior to the grading. Students must attend the seminar if they are grading and students must attend one national area Seminar every six months (two per year). If they do not attend then students may have extended waiting time for their next grading. The seminar is open to all students regardless of them grading or not and these are encouraged by the school to attend at every opportunity. From 4th kup you are required to grade at all national gradings. The cost is as follows; Child/juniors (age under 13 years) £35 for the seminar/grading, seminar only £15. Seniors (age 13 and over) £40 for the seminar/grading, seminar only £20.All grading fees are £20.

2. Local School gradings: These are gradings that will be conducted by your instructor or another grading examiner of his choice, these will normally be held at the training venue. These gradings are for all Child/junior students under the age of 13 yrs. Age 13 and over and from 4th kup should attend the national area gradings. The cost is £20 junior & £20 senior.

· Safety equipment - required as soon as possible to allow sparring this will include hand and feet guards, shin guards, groin guards, gum guards, head guards, etc. Costs vary per item - check with Mr Empson.